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Here in Hawaii, there’s quite a lot for tourists and residents alike.

Real estate is very valuable on the islands, because it’s that, an island. Space is limited on an island as opposed to the mainland United States where land is abundant and vast. So, being paradise and such a beautiful place, the real estate market will be pretty consistent. That’s why me and my partner decided to delve into the subject and try to learn about real estate and investing in the market.

So, we signed up for a RE seminar of which the  company is based out of Arizona. They put up a few events here in Hawaii every year and we signed up. The seminar was held in Waikiki, in the Hilton Hawaiian Village resort. Since it was a 3 day event and in Waikiki, we decided to to a little “staycation”.

A “staycation” is what we locals call a local vacation where we take a “vacation” here on our own island and basically act like tourists. It’s something you probably would only understand living in Hawaii. Anyway, we decided to book a hotel and enjoy our stay there since our seminar was a weekend thing and so we didn’t have to drive back and forth to and from Waikiki.

Aqua Queen Kapiolani Hotel Review

We booked our hotel stay in the Queen Kapiolani Hotel which is on the opposite side of Waikiki from the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It’s right by the Honolulu Zoo and walking distance from the heart of where all the energy and vibe is in Waikiki.

The Queen Kapiolani Hotel itself is a small urban hotel, so it wasn’t the finest of what Waikiki had to offer but the location is great and the price was on the lower end compared to other hotel stays in the Waikiki area. The hotel was not too bad actually. We checked in in the evening time so the lobby was uneventful and dark for some reason, not the vibe that you want to put out in a Hawaii hotel. The staff was very helpful and welcoming, but that’s the standard here in Hawaii, so no surprises there.

The room was okay. You can tell that the hotel is an older one by the carpet, windows, and some of the fixtures. But it was cozy and gave us the Hawaii paradise feel with some of its decor. You get what you pay for I guess, but the hotel room did it’s job.

Queen Kapiolani Aqua Hotel Review

The real value in staying in the Queen Kapiolani Hotel is its location. It’s located near the epicenter of Waikiki Beach right next to the Honolulu Zoo and walking distance from the Waikiki Aquarium. So you can access the best of what Waikiki has to offer a walking distance away. If you get a room facing the beach, that itself will be well worth the value of what you’ll pay to stay there.

The Queen Kapiolani Hotel is a midscale hotel but with its location, it was well worth the stay. If you are looking for a cheaper hotel in Waikiki, Queen Kapiolani Hotel is well worth the value in that category.


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