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Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club Resort

Do you need to get away from the stressful job? Is the crowded city getting a little too much for you? What about that ache in your back and the headaches that don’t seem to go away? Maybe you need a little TLC, and a lovely vacation with your loved ones? A break is what I desperately needed, and I ran away to a place most people only dream of going.

My wife and I booked a lovely vacation at the Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club Resort for a few days. We thought why reside in one area for our two week vacation in Hawaii when we could stay at a few places and get as much of a “Hawaiian” experience as possible right? Bright idea huh?

Ko Olina is a unique place you definitely need to visit, or even stay, when on the island of Oahu. There are resorts, beaches, a marina, restaurants, stores, a golf club, and more! It’s located right in Kapolei, which is a growing city might I add. Its beautiful beaches and scenery will surely take your breath away. Quite a lot of people get married there as well, right on the beach! And talk about all the places to eat, it’s just amazing! There’s an awesome restaurant named Monkeypod that has great drinks and great food. Just thinking about the fish and steak is making my mouth water.

Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club Resort Review

We stayed at the Marriott with our friends, another married couple. We are pretty close so we decided to get a two bedroom suite together. First of all the place is magnificent. The decor felt like “home” with a  calm, relaxing paradise feel to it. The service there is also awesome. They are very accommodating and always aim to please.

Considering when we arrived we had two very tired, parched, and hungry women. With their Aloha spirit and hospitality, they did a great job accommodating our wives. The rooms were large and the bathrooms had  great space. Each bedroom had its own bathroom along with one jacuzzi sized bathtub in one of them, which was ours! Bubbles and a bottle of champagne was a lot of fun!

The room comes fully equipped with televisions, and 1 full kitchen area. Great for the women, who had gone shopping the following morning and cooked us hungry men a grand breakfast. The view from our lanai is stunning.

Ko Olina Marriott Beach Club Resort Review

This resort has all the amenities included. Right downstairs from our room there was a fitness center. You know my buddy Brad and I had to check that out after eating the way we did! The pools were so relaxing with all the palm trees and the beach view in the background. There is also places to dine and a spa to get a pampered treatment. A pretty typical resort with all of the great services you’ll need, want, and desire on a Hawaii vacation.

The room service was surprisingly good. A little pricy but what can you say? Its a resort right? I’m really in awe by the customer service.  It’s probably a little difficult dealing with my wife who is a little picky about certain things but they kept her happy, and we actually extended our stay for a few more days.

I really can’t wait to see what else Hawaii has to offer. Our stay at the Ko Olina Beach Club Resort was a dream come true and I hope that we will get to come next year. I just hope they still have the bubbles and the champagne again!


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