ALOHA! Welcome to Hawaii Hotel & Vacation Rental review blog!

Hawaii is the world’s, not just the country’s, paradise vacation destination. When you think about paradise, Hawaii is synonymous and probably is the first place you think about when you picture a tropical paradise.

Living here in Hawaii, it is most definitely one the the most beautiful tropical places that you can vacation at. It is a place that many people all over the world dream of vacationing at. For some, that dream is lifelong.

But when you do get that chance to make your dreams come true, question arise. Which island of Hawaii do we go to? What part of the island should we stay? What hotel? Should we stay at a home or condo rental? Perhaps a beach villa. Are those expensive?

So many question, yet, not enough answers or direction to take. All you have perhaps is someone that you know whom already vacationed in Hawaii or the internet. For the person who already been to Hawaii, their opinions are probably limited since they’ve stayed only at 1 or 2 places. As for the internet, well, your here doing your due diligence and figuring out where are the best places to stay in Hawaii.

Come here for a unique review blog of Hawaii hotels and vacation rentals so that you can decide where the best places to stay are and make your Hawaiian dream vacation into a great one!

Much Mahalo!