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Rest at the Westin Resort and Spa in Kaanapali. My family and I had the privilege to come here and vacation during the spring of this year. How nice it was to have been there. After such a long year before, I don’t know why we waited so long for a break? This vacation was long over due. The Westin Resort and Spa is great for couples, singles, business owners, and families alike. Its as beautiful as the pictures point out.

What’s There To Do

There are many amenities to keep you busy throughout the day. Just walking around the resort and beaches itself may take you quite awhile. The Westin has many resort shops and many more if you take a nice short walk along the beach. They have a great fitness studio that opens regularly and is great for people that don’t want to fall behind on their fitness on vacation. Thats no excuse, right?

What I enjoyed most, personally, was the spa treatment room. Relaxation at its finest. My facial was luxurious and they did an awesome job on my manicure and pedicure. When you are ready for some fun in the sun the pool deck is great for the kids and the adults. Now there is two separate sections though. There is the main pool deck, more kid and family friendly. It comes jam packed with water slides and and you can buy floaters for the kids like a huge inflatable “honu” (turtle) for all the children to play on. There’ s many chairs, seating, and umbrellas for everyone so don’t worry.

As for the adult pool area, there is more comfortable and private seating. There is also a bar right in the middle of it all for those trying to unwind a bit. It’s really fantastic to grab a drink with your partner, sit back, relax, and watch the sunset together. Lovely! There’s so many beach chairs and umbrellas right on the beach, literally right on the sand with the water a few feet away from you. (Dont worry there’s usually aren’t any waves on that side). You can’t miss out on your scenery!

The Westin Resort And Spa Maui Review

What’s There To Eat 

Dining, my most favorite subject! I really enjoy to try new foods, new places, and restaurants. The Westin Resort and Spa offers a few really great dining experiences. And there are more right outside the resort but I just want to talk about what they have right there on the property. First one you will probably see in the resort is the Relish Burger Bistro. Right when you enter the resort they are located to the right and next to main pool deck, right under the spa and fitness centers. Its very nice with it’s unique tiki hut looking tables. The food is quite delish there as well.  (Do you see what I did there?) Its a great place to grab something to eat right after a quick dip in the pool.

Next is the Wailele Polynesian Luau that offers a lively menu of hawaiian food. Perfect  for those looking for that pop of local flavor.

Did you say secluded and sensual? I’ve got right what your looking for. There is a private dining area by the adult pool area over looking the beach and just taking in the sights is breath-taking, thats if the food doesn’t do that for you already.

There is a small place to pick up small snacks and goodies across from the main pool deck and next to the Relish Burger Bistro. They have popcorn and pizza and things of that nature.

Lastly is the room service. The food we ordered definitely surprised me. I’ve had room service before and I have to say sometimes I always think to myself that room service is usually overpriced and under promising when it comes to the quality of the food. But not here. When it comes to the Westin the quality and thought put into the menu really shows. I ordered a spicy crab soup with a greek salad – delicious soup by the way! And my husband ordered a Kobe Cheeseburger which he couldn’t get enough of. Excellent!

The Westin Resort And Spa Kaanapali, Maui Review

What’s The Experience  

The overall experience we had was splendid! Our room was very nice, as you would think coming from a hotel such as the Westin. From the person that checked my family in, the house keeper, the room service man, to the pool deck attendants, theres something different there.  The staff there are very open, humble, and eager to assist and everyone is so filled with “Aloha!” The surroundings is so relaxing. If you’re looking to maybe open your mind, seeking new ideas, clarity, or just declutter your mind, this place could enlighten you. My family and I enjoyed our stay very much and we hope to come back again next year. They tell the truth when they say you will leave better than when you arrived. Enjoy!


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