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In spring of 2014, we had the pleasure of staying at the 5 star Ritz Carlton in Kapalua on the island of Maui. It was for a business conference. Maybe, the conference was just an excuse to stay at this beautiful hotel and resort.

When you hear the “Ritz”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Luxury right? The Ritz Carlton in Kapalua lives up to that reputation. The beach front property overseas the pacific ocean and runs along the the Hawaiian sandy beach with captivating views and surroundings of Hawaii’s natural offerings.

The resort itself contains over 400+ rooms, 6 restaurants, a spa, a wide array of recreational activities, and surrounding shops for you to get your shopping therapy on.


The Ritz offers 6 restaurants that are all beautiful, but we’ve only dined at one.

  • The Terrance – Which features a full breakfast buffet daily.
  • Alaloa Lounge – A casual cocktail bar with light dining offerings
  • Burger Shack – Self explanatory. But it is located on the beautiful beachside.
  • The Pool Bar & Cafe – Self explanatory.
  • Aina Gourmet – A small “grab-and-go” snack shop to keep your appetite under control while exploring the resort.
  • Kai Sushi – with award winning innovative sushi Chef Tadashi Yoshino.
  • The Banyan Tree – By far, the best restaurant we’ve dined at on Maui! Great service and great contemporary dishes. (I’ll save a special review for this place later).

Other than those 6 eateries located in The Ritz, there are other options to dine around the complex. It is some ways to get to on foot, but they do have a shuttle bus that shuttles guests around the complex to discover the remote places that surrounds the Ritz.


At the Ritz, they pretty much have everything that you could possibly want to do in Hawaii at the resort. From golf, outdoor tennis and basketball under the tropical sun and cool breeze, to swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, sailing kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, snorkeling, whale watching, and I’m pretty sure much more.


As what you would expect from a 5 star hotel and with the Ritz reputation, the service exceeded my expectations.

I’m live in Hawaii, so I am used to the Hawaiian hospitality and Aloha. But the staff service at the Ritz was a service that was very nice. Everyone was very welcoming filled with that Aloha spirit. What impressed me was their system of getting you want you need very quickly.

In one instance, we inquired with a staff member of a good place to dine at. They recommended the Banyan Tree. He asked if we would like to dine there, we did. Right away he casually went for the phone called up the restaurant, set a reservation for us with he host, and had the shuttle come to pick us up. Once we arrived the host apparently know who we were and greeted us by our party name reservation. It just was really impressive and it was that way throughout our entire stay.. So, I give them a huge thumbs up on service.


The only negative I have to say about the Ritz in Kapalua was the beach. The sand was littered with debris. At least it was natural debris like branches, rocks, coral, leaves, etc., but it was unappealing. You literally had to dodge the debris to walk the beach.

Other than that, the Ritz lives up to its 5 star status, and is a thumbs up from us for a recommended place to stay if you have a higher budget. The value is there for the price you pay. But there are other places to stay in Maui near the general area, such as Lahaina, that offers similar amenities for a cheaper price.

I guess you can’t put a price tag on Hawaii’s natural offerings. It’s just beautiful all over!

The Ritz Carlton Kapalua Maui Review


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